My name is Terence Faherty. I'm a storyteller whose stories most often take the form of mysteries. (A critic once noted, cryptically but correctly, that all my stories are mysteries, even the ones that aren't.) I do see basic storytelling and mystery solving as linked, because in so many stories the protagonist is trying to answer a question or right a wrong. This is why I see the mystery and especially the private eye story as a particularly straightforward form of storytelling: a problem is posed and a hero sets out to resolve it. (At least, it would be straightforward if all clients were forthcoming and truthful.)

Play A Cold Hand by Terence FahertyI've written two series in book form. The Owen Keane series follows the bumpy life of a failed seminarian turned amateur sleuth (a job title I love). It's won a Macavity Award from Mystery Readers International and been nominated twice for the Mystery Writers of America's Edgar Award and once each for the Shamus, Anthony, Barry, and Derringer awards. The Scott Elliott series is set in old Hollywood during its decline and fall. Elliott, an operative for a shady security company, tries to slow that decline and fall in his own small way. Elliott has been nominated for four Shamus Awards from the Private Eye Writers of America and taken home two. Both series are described in detail elsewhere on this web site.

I've also published one stand alone novel, a romantic mystery called THE QUIET WOMAN. More about that milestone can be found under Stand-Alone Novels.

Thank you for visiting this site. I hope it will encourage you to seek out one of more of my books. If you'd like to contact me, please use this link.